zetaclearNail Fungus Remedies

Nail fungus can be quite disgusting and it can impact a person’s self esteem big time. Many people try to figure out various nail fungus remedies to get rid of the disgusting nail fungus.

There are several home remedies and over the counter nail fungus medication. Before treating nail fungus, it is extremely important to understand what causes nail fungus.

Causes & Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is caused by yeast infection in the nail bed. It is majorly due to lack of hygiene. Nail fungus is infectious and it spreads from one nail to another. The first symptom of an underlying nail condition is that brownish or greenish spots start appearing under the nails.

In the second stage of infection the nail becomes discolored and it becomes slightly distorted. This stage is the stage of moderate infection. In the stage of excessive infection, the nail starts leaving the nail bed.

In other cases the nail starts splitting. If you see any of these symptoms, it is important to see your dermatologist. Often, the infection spreads from one finger to another. In most of the cases the infection can become extremely painful.

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Nail Fungus remedies at home

There are several nail fungus remedies that can be tried at home. One of these remedies is using Vicks vaporub. You must watch your hands and legs and pat them dry. The next step is to apply Vicks vaporub on the infected nail. You can use a flat spatula that is available in the manicure set for applying Vicks under the nail bed.

Cover the finger with band aid or sticker. Leave it overnight and wash it thoroughly the next morning. Regular application is known to curb mild infections. You can use Listerine instead of Vicks vaporub. Another popular home remedy is use of tea tree oil.

You can directly put in two – three drops of tea tree oil on the infected area or you can pour some oil on a cotton ball and strap it to the infected area. Using tea tree oil regularly can eliminate nail fungus to a great extent. Hydrogen peroxide is also known to be a great cure for nail fungus treatments

Over the counter nail fungus remedies

There are several medicines that are available over the counter for nail fungus. Some of these medicines are Zetaclear, Nail Rx, Lamisil and Vinegar ACV. Zetaclear and nail RX are topical medicines that contain essential oils and various other products that are strong in anti-bacterial property.And of all these medications, my pick will be Zetaclear because of various testimonies that have come out of it and they all look very good and outstanding.

It is important to keep on clipping your nails and filing them regularly. This will help the medicine to seep deeper into the nail bed.  You can use a Q-tip to apply the medicine under the nail bed for better effect.

It is important to understand that nail fungus remedies are long term remedies. You might have to wait for months together even to see minute results. It is best to use the medicine till there is absolute no trace of nail fungus. It is important to take all the medicines after consulting your dermatologist.

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