revitol-jpg Get Rid Of Burn Scars

Burn scars can be quite painful and ugly to look at. It is important that we take all the necessary precautions to avoid the burn scars from going worse. First and foremost the moment you realize that you are burnt just run some cold water over the burn,.

This will help in preventing the burn from going deeper and will reduce the scarring of tissue.  There are numerous home remedies and over the counter pills that can help you in getting rid of these scars

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Tips on treating the person who is just burnt

The first step in getting rid of scars is prevention or damage control.  Scars are formed when tissues beneath the epidermal layer are burnt. The intensity of the scar is directly proportional to the degree of burns.  One must try to avoid from deeper layers of tissues from being burnt otherwise they may rise up as ugly and hard to treat scars.

Such scars generally require surgical removal. One should pour cold water over the area that is being burnt. It is recommended to hold the area under running water. Dab the area dry with cloth and then apply creams like Revitol skin cream or Acnezine on it. These creams are 100% natural and hence they will not have any side effects on the scars and they will work gently on healing the damaged tissues to reduce the scars.

Apart from creams like Revitol, one can also use home remedies like paste of turmeric and milk on the wound. Turmeric is a natural anti-septic and is known to have strong healing properties. Milk has soothing effect on the skin. Applying paste of turmeric and milk can be very helpful in getting rid of burn scars.

Many doctors also recommend using oils that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C or Vitamin E on the scars to quicken the process of healing. Another process recommended is the cutting open a Vitamin E capsule and pouring its contents over the scars. One must never pick scars as it interferes with the healing process. Over the counter anti-septic creams can also help in healing the tissues and reducing the intensity of scars.

Treating intensive scars

It is important to know the type and the intensity of the scar before you work towards getting rid of them. Your medical practitioner can help you in understanding the intensity of the scar. Burn scars of third degree burns rise above the surface and resemble keloid scars. Surgical treatment or laser treatment is required to remove these burn scars.

After the operation, one needs to use anti-septic creams and scar removal creams as prescribed by the doctors. Fresher scars are easier to treat as compared to older scars; however creams like Revitol are known to be very effective in reducing or lightening these scars

Apart from all the above remedies, using Aloe Vera on the scar is known to have shown wonderful results. Wheat germ oil and almond oil are also very effective in treating scars. One must be patient during the treatment and should not expect immediate results as scars take their time to heal. My recommendation is the Revitol Scars Cream that have proven to work wonders from the testimonies of people that have used he cream. for more information about Revitol, click the link below.

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