childhood obesity.jpgChildhood obesity in America

Childhood obesity is a life thrashing epidemic which many parents find difficult to face. It’s true that some of the kids all over the world may not be interested in getting into shape and thus parents should intervene and try to encourage and motivate their kids to start preventing childhood obesity. Statistics show that over 9 million kids in America are over weight and thus there are many cases of childhood obesity in America.

These kids are at a hire risk of developing fatal diseases such as heart diastase, asthma and diabetes among others. All these serious illnesses make children the first generation to die even before their parents. Clogged arteries are found in young children at the age of 13 that can cause heart attacks to these kids before they reach the age of 30.

Research done recently showed that childhood obesity in America has been caused by several factors. Poor diet and lack of enough physical exercise are the main causes of obesity not only to children but also to mature people. Unhealthy family lifestyle has also lead to childhood obesity. People have realized that obesity is a serious illness which can easily kill and thus they have worked hard to reduce it.

It is true that 70% of obese children grow up to be overweight adults. It is your task as a parent to help children have an easier time to deal with their weight and in this way you will have helped them avoid childhood obesity. In fact childhood plays a big part in shaping the type of person one will become when he or she grows up. If you teach kids about heath habits, they can live longer with good health conditions and happy lives.

A good parent is one who cares about other children and thus we should try to advise our fellow parents on how they can achieve better health for their children. Those who have children are the ones who can tell how special kids are. We have children so that they can help us in our old age and thus we should care about their health. Many creative people among us help kids and families with ways they can fight this deadly epidemic. It can even be a very difficult task to nurse obese children and bring them up since they may have several complications. If we do not take any step to help our children, they may end up developing life treating consequence due to their overweight and unhealthy status.

We should use the statistics on children obesity in America as a lesson and take action against this epidemic. Giving children a healthy diet and exercise is a very easy task and there is no sense of keeping children indoors where they just eat and relax without any physical practice. You can keep you child in shape through many ways in which children eat well. Many people in America think that childhood obesity cannot be prevented or fought. This is not true because even technology alone can help you find ways of preventing childhood obesity. Since we all agree that childhood obesity is a deadly epidemic which we should avoid, we should try to help each other and fight it. For more information, click here for more about obesity in America.